What's New in Release 7.3.0

Describes the new features in release 7.3.0 and provides links to more information.

New SaaS-Based HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Release 7.3.0 introduces a new HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric that can be used "as-a-service" and provides consumption-based pricing. Documentation for the new platform has its own website. For more information, see:

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric 7.3 Documentation

Product Name Change: HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric – Customer Managed

With release 7.3.0, the user-managed version of the platform changes its name to HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric – Customer Managed. "HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric" now refers to the as-a-service version of the platform, described earlier on this page. Documentation for the customer-managed platform remains on the website you are currently using.

HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem Pack (EEP) Support

Release 7.3.0 requires EEP 9.1.1 or later. EEP 9.1.1 is new for this release and delivers updates to various ecosystem components but no new components. EEP 9.1.1 can be used with release 7.3.0 or with release 7.2.0.

For more information about new features delivered as part of the Ecosystem Pack, see What's New in EEP 9.1.1. For reference information, see EEP 9.1.1 Reference Information.

For information about the EEPs that can be used with different versions of core releases, see EEP Support and Lifecycle Status.

SSO Support for Keycloak

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric release 7.3.0 supports SSO when configured with the Keycloak identity and access management (IAM) solution. Other IAM solutions are not currently supported.

Configuring SSO is optional. If you do not configure SSO, you must use Data Fabric user names and passwords for access to the fabric. While SSO is supported for Data Fabric core, it is not currently supported for ecosystem components or the Installer.

For more information, see Configuring SSO.

Data Access Gateway 6.0 Support

For the gateway to lightweight client applications, release 7.3.0 requires Data Access Gateway 6.0. Data Access Gateway 6.0 can only be used with core 7.3.0. Data Access Gateway 6.0 removes support for configuring topic mapping rules. In Data Access Gateway 6.0, the new topic-mapping scheme is one topic per stream per volume.
CAUTION: Streams users who upgrade from release 7.1.0 (DAG 5.0) or release 7.2.0 (DAG 5.1) to release 7.3.0 (DAG 6.0) will not be able to access topics configured using the pre-DAG 6.0 mapping rules.

For more information, see Understanding the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Data Access Gateway and the Data Access Gateway 6.0 Release Notes.

New maprcli Commands to Support Kafka Wire Protocol Service

Release 7.3.0 introduces a new category of maprcli commands to administer objects related to the Kafka Wire Protocol Service. These commands allow administrators to create, delete, edit, list, and gather information about KWPS topics. You can also retrieve connection information for the emulated Kafka cluster. For more information about these commands, see:

Object Store Auditing

Release 7.3.0 provides support for two new commands that enable auditing of account and bucket operations in the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store.

For more information, see mc admin audit.

Clustergroup Support

Release 7.3.0 includes maprcli clustergroup commands that are supported only for the as-a-service HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.These commands are not valid for use with the customer-managed product.

Cluster groups provide a way to organize fabrics for multicluster views. A fabric is part of a cluster group if either of the following is true:
  • The fabric was created from the control plane of one of the fabrics that is already part of the current cluster group.
  • The fabric was added to the cluster group using the Import Fabric operation.
Cluster group information includes the fabrics that are part of a group along with the metadata required for performing intercluster operations.
The following commands are supported:For more information about the as-a-service HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, see this website.

Installer Commands for As-a-Service Fabrics

Release 7.3.0 includes maprcli installer commands that are supported only for the as-a-service HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.These commands are not valid for use with the customer-managed product.

These commands enable you to create, remove, and gather information about consumption-based fabrics. The following commands are supported:

JDK 17 Support

As indicated in the Java Support Matrix, release 7.3.0 can be used in JDK 11 or in JDK 17 installations. EEP 9.1.1 can also be used in JDK 11 or JDK 17 installations. However, the Installer and Monitoring components are supported only on JDK 11, and if new cluster nodes require a JDK at installation time, the Installer can only install JDK 11.