Data Fabric Repositories and Packages

Describes the repositories for Data Fabric software and the ecosystem components.

Protected Internet Repository

The internet repository for Data Fabric core and ecosystem packages is now more secure. In August of 2023, the repository moved to a new location that requires authentication with an HPE Passport account:

What's New in Release 7.6.1 describes the repository change in more detail.

Because the new repository requires authentication, there are some new considerations for using it. See Using the HPE Ezmeral Token-Authenticated Internet Repository.

Repositories for Core Software

HPE hosts rpm and deb repositories for installing the Data Fabric core software using Linux package-management tools. For every release of the core software, a repository is created for each supported platform.

Platform-specific installation repositories are hosted at:<platform>.

To set up the repositories, see Step 3: Prepare Packages and Repositories.

Repositories for Ecosystem Packs

An Ecosystem Pack (EEP) provides a set of ecosystem components that work together. HPE hosts rpm and deb repositories for easy installation of the ecosystem components.

These platform-specific repositories are hosted at the following location:

For more information about the Ecosystem Packs (EEPs), see Ecosystem Packs.

GitHub Repositories for Source Code

HPE releases the source code for ecosystem components to GitHub, including all patches that HPE has applied to the components. Source code projects for all releases since March 2013 are available at For example, the GitHub location for Airflow is

Maven Repositories for Application Developers

HPE hosts a Maven repository where application developers can download dependencies on Data Fabricsoftware or Hadoop ecosystem components. Maven artifacts for all releases since March 2013 are available at Maven Artifacts for the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Other Scripts and Tools

Other Data Fabric scripts and tools can be found in the following locations: