Compiling and Running AsyncHBase Applications

When you compile or run AsyncHBase applications, you need to include the required AsyncHBase libraries.

To compile the application:
javac -cp `asynchbase classpath`:$APP_CLASSPATH <ProgramName>
To run the application, use one of the following commands:
  • java -cp `asynchbase classpath`:$APP_CLASSPATH <ProgramName>
  • asynchbase $APP_CLASSPATH <ProgramName>
To include the AsyncHBase library in your maven project:
  1. Add MapR's maven repository to the list of repositories in your project's pom.xml:
    <repository> <id>mapr-releases</id> 
  2. Add the following dependency to the list of dependencies:
    <dependency> <groupId>org.hbase</groupId> 
    <version><AsyncHBaseVersion>-mapr-<MapREcoVersion></version> </dependency>
    NOTE For example, if you are using AsyncHBase 1.7-1603, configure the following for the version dependency: <version>1.7.0-mapr-1603</version>