Modifying the maprdb Format Settings within the dfs Storage Plugin Configuration

You can add or modify certain maprdb format plugin settings within the dfs storage plugin configuration on the Storage page in the Drill Web UI.

The following table lists the maprdb format options that you can set within the dfs storage plugin configuration:
Option Description Value
allTextMode When enabled, Drill reads all values as type varchar. Useful when the underlying data set has type values of mixed scalar types, such as integers, floating point, varchars, date, time, and timestamp. Disabled by default. true|false
disableCountOptimization When enabled, this option disables optimization for queries with the COUNT (*) aggregate function. Disabled by default. true|false
enablePushdown When enabled, Drill pushes down filters to HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database. Disabling this option is not recommended unless you intend to use it for troubleshooting purposes. Enabled by default. true|false
ignoreSchemaChange When enabled, Drill ignores schema changes. Disabled by default. true|false
nonExistentColumnsProjection When enabled, Drill can distinguish between null and non-existent fields. Disabled by default. true|false
readNumbersAsDouble When enabled, Drill reads all numeric values as type double. Useful when the underlying data set has type values of mixed numeric types, such as integers and floating point. Disabled by default. true|false
readTimestampWithZoneOffset When enabled (set to 'true'), Drill converts timestamp values from UTC to local time zone when reading the values from MapR Database. Disabled (set to 'false') by default. Does not impact the store.hive.maprdb_json.read_timestamp_with_timezone_offset setting. true|false
The following example configuration shows you how to include the options in the maprdb format configuration within the dfs storage plugin configuration:
  "type": "file",
  "enabled": true,
  "connection": "maprfs:///",
  "config": null,
  "workspaces": {
    "root": {
      "location": "/",
      "writable": false,
      "defaultInputFormat": "maprdb",
      "allowAccessOutsideWorkspace": false
  "formats": {
    "maprdb": {
      "type": "maprdb",
      "allTextMode": true,
      "disableCountOptimization": true,
      "enablePushdown": false
    "parquet": {
      "type": "parquet"
    "json": {
      "type": "json",
      "extensions": [

See Plugin Configuration Basics and File System Storage Plugin for more information.