What's New in EEP 9.2.1

Summarizes the new features and product updates in Ecosystem Pack (EEP) 9.2.1.

EEP 9.2.1 can be used with releases:
  • 7.6.1
  • 7.5.0
  • 7.4.0
  • 7.3.0 (requires a patch)
  • 7.2.0 (requires a patch)
For more information about EEP and core version support, see EEP Support and Lifecycle Status.

EEP 9.2.1 Versions and Features

EEP 9.2.1 provided significant updates to some components. Other components received minor updates. The following table summarizes the significant version updates for EEP 9.2.1:
Component EEP 9.2.0 Version EEP 9.2.1 Version
Kafka Streams
Kafka Schema Registry

To compare the versions of various components in different EEPs, see Component Versions for Released EEPs.

The following components are unchanged for EEP 9.2.1:
  • AsyncHBase 1.8.2
  • Data Access Gateway
  • Hue
  • Monitoring components:
    • Collectd
    • Elasticsearch
    • Fluentd
    • Grafana
    • Kibana
    • OpenTSDB
  • NiFi
  • OTel
  • Ranger
  • Streams clients:
    • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Streams C Client 0.11.3
    • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Streams Python Client 0.11.3
    • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Streams C#/.NET 0.11.3
  • KSQL
  • Kafka Connect HDFS
  • Kafka Connect JDBC
  • Kafka Connect
  • Kafka REST Proxy
  • Zeppelin


EEP 9.2.1 updated Airflow to version See Airflow - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes. EEP 9.2.1 also introduced support for connections to Hive with High Availability (HA) enabled. See Configuring Hook Connections for Hive High Availability.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Drill to version See Drill (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Hadoop to version See Hadoop - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated HBase to version See HBase - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Hive to version For more information, see Hive - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Livy to version For more information, see Livy - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Spark to version For more information, see the Spark (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.

Kafka Streams

EEP 9.2.1 updated Kafka Streams to version For more information, see the Kafka Streams - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.

Kafka Schema Registry

EEP 9.2.1 updated Kafka Schema Registry to version For more information, see the Kafka Schema Registry - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.


EEP 9.2.1 updated Tez to version For more information, see the Tez - 2401 (EEP 9.2.1) Release Notes.

Support for JDK 11 and JDK 17

EEP 9.2.1 and core 7.6.1 can be used with JDK 11 or JDK 17. However, Installer is not supported on JDK 17. Therefore, installations of or upgrades to EEP 9.2.1 and core 7.6.1 must be performed manually. See Java Support Matrix and Installer Updates.

Using the monitoring components with JRE or JDK 17 is now supported in EEP 9.2.0 or later.

Discontinued Components

The following components are present in earlier ecosystem packs but are not included in EEP 9.2.1:
  • Flume
  • Oozie
  • Pig
  • S3 Gateway
  • Sqoop

For more information, see Discontinued Ecosystem Components.

Installer Support for EEP 9.2.1

Installer supports EEP 9.2.1 and previously released EEPs. For a list of the EEPs that are supported by different versions of the Installer, see Installer EEP Support.

Installer is not supported for use with JDK 17. In addition, Installer 1.18.0.x cannot be used with older versions of Ubuntu. For more information, see Selecting an Installer Version to Use.

EEP Upgrades

If your cluster is running EEP 8.0.0 or 8.1.0, you can upgrade to Ecosystem Pack 9.x.x.

For information about upgrading to core 7.6.1 and EEP 9.2.1, see:

EEP 9.2.1 Ecosystem Components and Release Notes

For a list of the EEP 9.2.1 components and their release notes, see Ecosystem Pack 9.2.1 Release Notes.