Airflow - 2210 (EEP 9.0.0) Release Notes

The following notes relate specifically to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Distribution for Apache Airflow. You may also be interested in the Apache Airflow home page.
Airflow Version
Release Date October 2022
HPE Version Interoperability See EEP Components and OS Support.
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Maven Artifacts
Package Names Navigate to, and select your EEP(MEP) and OS to view the list of package names.

New in This Release

This release updates the Airflow component to version A variety of operators and sensors are provided to integrate Airflow with the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database. In addition, release 7.0.0 includes operators, sensors, and transfers that enable Airflow to create and interact with S3 buckets. For more information, see Airflow Providers.



Known Issues and Limitations

  • Airflow is not supported with FIPS-enabled nodes.
  • The Installer can install Airflow, but cannot set up MySQL as the backend database for Airflow. The default Airflow database is SQLite.​
  • S3 operators can be used with Airflow in release 7.0.0 but not in release 6.2.0 because native S3 support is not implemented in release 6.2.0.
  • Airflow Amazon S3 providers might work with Minio S3 API, but HPE does not guarantee this functionality.

Resolved Issues

  • None.