Hive - 2210 (EEP 9.0.0) Release Notes

The following notes relate specifically to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Distribution for Apache Hive. You may also be interested in the
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Release Date October 2022
HPE Version Interoperability See Hive and HCatalog Support Matrix and Ecosystem Support Matrix and EEP Components and OS Support.
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Hive 3.1.3 works with the following HPE Hive drivers:

For additional driver information, see Connecting to HiveServer2.

Feature support

The following list describes support of various components and functionality with Hive 3.1.3 - 2210:

  • Supports Hive-3.1.3 on Tez-0.10.2 For more information, see Tez 0.10.2 - 2210 (EEP 9.0.0) Release Notes.

  • Does not support Hive on Spark. You cannot use Spark as a query engine for Hive. However, you can run Hive and Spark on the same cluster. You can also use Spark SQL and Drill to query Hive tables.

  • Does not support HDFS encryption in Hive tables.

  • Does not support LLAP with Hive-3.1.3 because Apache Slider is not an HPE supported ecosystem component.

  • Starting from Hive 2.1, Hive must run the schematool command as an initialization step.

  • Starting from EEP 9.0.0, Data Fabric supports Ranger, which can be integrated with HiveServer2. For more information, see Integrating HiveServer2 with Ranger.

New in This Release

Hive - 2210 introduces the following enhancements or HPE platform-specific behavior changes:

  • Updated Thrift version to 0.16.0.
  • Added support for Ranger. See Ranger - 2210 (EEP 9.0.0) Release Notes.
  • Added support for Hive Metatsore configuration properties. You can separately add configuration options for Hive Metastore in hivemetastore-site.xml file. However, configuration options in hive-site.xml file are still valid.
  • Removed hive.warehouse.subdir.inherit.perms Hive property.


This HPE release includes the following fixes on the base release:

GitHub Commit Number Data (YYYY-MM-DD) HPE Fix Number and Description
f3fc0ea 2022-09-22 HIVE-21227: HIVE-20776 causes view access regression (Na Li reviewed by Karthik Manamcheri and Peter Vary)


HIVE-20776 : Run HMS filterHooks on server-side in addition to client-side (Na Li reviewed by Karthik, Sergio, Morio, Adam and Vihang Karajgaonkar)


HIVE-21844 : HMS schema Upgrade Script is failing with NPE. (Mahesh Kumar Behera reviewed by Sankar Hariappan)


HIVE-22645: Jline can break bash terminal behavior (László Bodor reviewed by Miklos Gergely, Zoltan Haindrich)


HIVE-20424: schematool shall not pollute beeline history (Daniel Dai, reviewed by Sankar Hariappan)


HIVE-23339: SBA does not check permissions for DB location specified in Create database query (Shubham Chaurasia, reviewed by Miklos Gergely) (#1011)


HIVE-20786 - Maven Build Failed with group id is too big (Szehon, reviewed by Vihang)


HIVE-21685: Wrong simplification in query with multiple IN clauses (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez, reviewed by Zoltan Haindrich)
7769ff0 2022-08-10 HIVE-25631: Initiator speed-up: only read compaction history once per loop (Denys Kuzmenko, reviewed by Karen Coppage)


HIVE-24602: Retry compaction after configured time (Peter Varga, reviewed by Karen Coppage)


HIVE-23683: Add enqueue time to compaction (Peter Vary reviewed by Karen Coppage and Laszlo Pinter)


HIVE-22729: Provide a failure reason for failed compactions (Laszlo Pinter reviewed by Karen Coppage, Denys Kuzmenko and Peter Vary)


HIVE-22627: Add schema changes introduced in HIVE-21443 to the schema upgrade scripts (Zoltan Chovan via Peter Vary)


HIVE-21443: Better usability for SHOW COMPACTIONS (Peter Vary reviewed by Gopal V and Marta Kuczora)


HIVE-20607: TxnHandler should use PreparedStatement to execute direct SQL queries (Sankar Hariappan, reviewed by Daniel Dai)


HIVE-20264: Bootstrap repl dump with concurrent write and drop of ACID table makes target inconsistent (Sankar Hariappan, reviewed by Mahesh Kumar Behera, Anishek Agarwal)
498d751 2022-08-02 HIVE-25709: Upgrade netty to 4.1.69 in the hive/pom (Saihemanth via Naveen Gangam)
4760818 2022-08-02 HIVE-25312: Upgrade netty to 4.1.65.Final (Zoltan Haindrich reviewed by Panagiotis Garefalakis)
ac0d202 2022-08-02 HIVE-24138. Llap external client flow is broken due to netty shading. (#1491) (Ayush Saxena reviewed by Laszlo Bodor)
acf3c08 2022-08-02 HIVE-23073 : Shade netty and upgrade to netty 4.1.48.Final (Laszlo Bodor via Ashutosh Chauhan)
b2e55fd 2022-08-02 HIVE-25054: Upgrade `jodd-core` dependency to get rid of CVE-2018-21234 (Abhay Chennagiri, reviewed by Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)


HIVE-22248 Fix statistics persisting issues (Miklos Gergely reviewed by Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)


HIVE-19316: StatsTask fails due to ClassCastException (Jaume Marhuenda, reviewed by Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)


HIVE-25635: Upgrade libthrift to 0.16.0


HIVE-25468: Authorization for Create/Drop functions in HMS(Saihemanth Gantasala via Naveen Gangam)


HIVE-23786 HMS server side filter with Ranger (Sam An reviewed by Peter Vary)


HIVE-24026: HMS/Ranger Spark view authorization plan (Sai Hemanth Gantasala reviewed by Vihang Karajgaonkar)


HIVE-21920: Extract command authorisation from the Driver (Miklos Gergely, reviewed by Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)


HIVE-21829: HiveMetaStore authorization issue with AlterTable and DropTable events (Ramesh Mani, reviewed by Daniel Dai)

Known Issues and Limitations

  • HIVE-1321: Unable to use Data Fabric SASL HiveServer2 authentication for data-fabric client in Hive 3 to connect from client to server. As a workaround, you can use PAM authentication.

  • HIVE-1315: Hive 3 on Tez 0.10.x is unable to run jobs by using S3 endpoint in HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store. There is no workaround for this issue in this release.
  • IN-3165: Unable to start Hive Metastore service because schema was not created in database. As a workaround, run the following schematool command as an initialization step:
    /opt/mapr/hive/hive-<version>/bin/schematool -dbType mysql -initSchema 

    For details, see Configuring MariaDB for the Hive Metastore.

  • HIVE-19502: Unable to insert values into table stored by JdbcStorageHandler

  • HIVE-19286: NPE in MERGE operator on MR mode

  • HIVE-760: [Hive-2.3] Could not start hive-metastore on Centos 8 MetaException(message:Version information not found in metastore)

    Starting in EEP 7.0.0, use the MySQL driver with MariaDB.
        <description>Driver class name for a JDBC metastore</description>
    Some SELECT queries can be converted to a single FETCH task minimizing latency. Currently, the query should be single sourced and should not have a subquery or any aggregations or distincts (which incurs RS), lateral views and joins:
    none : disable hive.fetch.task.conversion
    minimal : SELECT star, filter on partition columns, LIMIT only
    more :  SELECT, filter, LIMIT only (support TABLESAMPLE and virtual columns)
  • Hive 3.1.3 in EEP 9.0.0 does not support standalone Metastore.