Hue - 2009 (EEP 6.3.1) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hue

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You can find additional information in the following change logs or the Hue homepage:

These release notes contain only MapR-specific information and are not necessarily cumulative in nature. For information about how to use the release notes, see Ecosystem Component Release Notes.

Release Date September 2020
MapR Version Interoperability See EEP Components and OS Support
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New in This Release

  • Hue now has the following HTTP security headers configured by default (MAPR-CORE-307):
    • X-Content-Type-Options
    • X-XSS-Protection
    • Strict-Transport-Security
    • Content-Security-Policy
  • TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 were disabled (MHUE-328).
  • In kerberized environments, the Hue kt_renewer process is started automatically with Hue server (MHUE-387).


This MapR release includes the following fixes on the base release:

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
4107ec7 2020-01-10 MAPR-CORE-307: Add security headers to Hue
0597366 2020-03-11 MHUE-328 Disable TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocol
9bf9796 2020-03-18 MHUE-328 Show list of enabled ciphers
a9a42dc 2020-04-24 MHUE-366 Fix login issue for LDAP users accessing for the first time
2b5a0f9 2020-05-06 MHUE-357 Fix Jackson vulnerability
69c79b2 2020-06-01 MHUE-384 Drill on HUE does not work when all ZK nodes are mentioned in the hue.ini
cb7681a 2020-06-25 MHUE-387 Add management tools for kt_renewer
d203fe8 2020-07-13 MHUE-393 Job Browser "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable" when non-admin user try to kill Tez job
a010403 2020-07-24 HUE-8887 [editor] Hive LLAP and Hive Service Discovery connectors
239b56c 2020-07-30 HUE-8605 [metadata] Only show the Table Privilege tab when Sentry is enabled
08f2043 2020-08-07 MHUE-388 Hue to leverage the usage of HA of Hiveserver2

Known Issues and Limitations

  • MapR does not support the integration between Hue 4.3.0 and the following components:
    • Solr Search
    • ZooKeeper
  • Integration between Hue 4.3.0 and Sentry 1.7 is supported on secure clusters that use Kerberos authentication, but it is not supported on secure clusters that use MapR-SASL authentication.
  • MAPR-28087: Livy cannot use the Hive Interpreter. To work around this issue, use the cluster mode. Set livy.spark.deployMode=cluster in the ${LIVY_CONF}/livy.conf file. This issue is caused by Spark 11851:
    Unable to start spark thrift server against secured hive metastore(GSS initiate
  • MHUE-209 Hue cannot create a table from *.csv file via importer from ADLS.
    NOTE Hue uses python parquet lib to read parquet files. This library does not support all possible parquet formats.
  • LIVY-42: Livy UI is not accessible on Kerberos.