Hue - 2307 (EEP 9.1.2) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hue

The notes below relate specifically to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You can find additional information in the following change logs or the Hue homepage:

These release notes contain only HPE-specific information and are not necessarily cumulative in nature. For information about how to use the release notes, see Ecosystem Component Release Notes.

Release Date July 2023
MapR Version Interoperability See EEP Components and OS Support
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New in This Release



This HPE release includes the following fixes on the base release:
GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) HPE Fix Number and Description
43ac306 2023-06-09 I1116 [notebook] Fix not rendering Markdown in notebook's snippet (Issue #1116) (#1117)
63dbcf6 2023-06-09 HUE-9240 [hive] Do no skip first table column on LLAP upstream
1d0e3ea 2023-06-09 MHUE-538 kt_renewer service does not work with RHEL 8
ccf613e 2023-06-14 MHUE-539 "Change Permissions" shows incorrect permissions
4166fa1 2023-06-22 HUE-9153 [core] Avoid logging failure when data contains non unicode in REST resource lib
cabcdec 2023-06-22 HUE-8888 [core] Avoid AttributeError when logging REST call
9810c89 2023-06-22 Backport fix for openeing files with non-English names
27c9a43 2023-06-26 MHUE-542 Fix upload of files with non-English characters in names
For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Resolved Issues


Known Issues and Limitations

  • Hue 4.6 is not compatible with FIPS-enabled setup.
  • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric does not support the integration between Hue 4.6.0 and the following components:
    • Solr Search
    • ZooKeeper
  • MHUE-209 Hue cannot create a table from a *.csv file via importer from ADLS.
  • When the [notebook] section of the hue.ini contains a Drill entry that precedes the Hive entry, the Table Browser uses the Drill back end. This can be turned off by changing the force_hs2_metadata=true setting in the [metastore] section of the hue.ini file.
NOTE In Hue 4.3.0-1912, support for the integration of Drill with the Table Browser in Hue was added as an experimental feature.