Hue 3.10.0-1611 Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the data-fabric distribution for Apache Hadoop. You may also be interested in the Cloudera Hue changelog or the Cloudera Hue home page.

Version 3.10.0
Release Date December 9, 2016
Data Fabric Version Interoperability See the EEP Components and OS Support.
Source on GitHub
GitHub Release Tag 3.10.0-mapr-1611
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New in This Release

IMPORTANT Note these considerations for Hue 3.10.0:
  • The Livy version is a snapshot. Livy is supported only for use with Hue.
  • MapR does not support the integration between Hue 3.10.0 and the following components:
    • Solr Search
    • Zookeeper
  • Integration between Hue 3.10.0 and Sentry 1.6 is supported on secure clusters that use Kerberos authentication, but it is not supported on secure clusters that use MapR-SASL authentication.

The following are new in this release:

  • Support for Spark 2.0.1. Hue integration with Spark is an experimental feature.
  • Support for Sqoop2 1.99.7.
  • Livy is moved to its own directory:


This data-fabric release includes the following new fixes on the base release. For details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

GitHub Commit Number Data (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
2f44b6d 2016-08-05 [MAPR-2415][hue-3.10.0] - Added missing variable "hive_mechanism"
7dc6616 2016-09-05 [MAPR-24250] Hue 3.10 doesn't install example queries for hive 1.2 and Impala 2.5.0
7fbb091 2016-09-07 [MAPR-24153] Job browser doesn't display details of active job using classic mode
755bf6d 2016-09-08 MAPR-24493 Disabled adding/deleting users in Hue Web UI for PAM and editing user for LDAP (commit for Hue 3.10)
af8cb1c 2016-09-14 [MAPR-24010][hue-3.10.0] Updated hive, hbase, sentry and pig default version.
4480bf3 2016-09-14 MAPR-24153 Job browser doesn't display details of active job using classic mode
959320 2016-09-14 MAPR-24565 {Hue 3.10] Error in "Check configuration" tab for classic mode
8d553d7 2016-09-15 [MAPR-24010]{hue-3.10.0] Changed sentry version from 1.7.0 to 1.6.0
e50dc9a 2016-10-06 MAPR-24840 [Hue 3.10] Link "Location" does not work for tables from "Metastore Manager" tab.
4b91812 2016-10-07 MAPR-24788 Errors when trying to run Spark examples from Sample Notebook
db3b592 2016-10-11 MAPR-24872 [Hue 3.10] Error while opening temporary table details in "Metastore" stab
f1aa4db 2016-10-11 MAPR-24694 [Hue 3.10] Hue can't save result of hive query using Spark notebooks
773048e 2016-09-27 [MAPR-24950] Firefox doesn't support Hue feature dragging tables
09e49f3 2016-10-20 MAPR-25000 [Hue 3.10] Wrong display of Livy sessions in Spark Notebooks
13511d8 2016-10-24 MAPR-25040 [Hue 3.10] Hue build fails
92bfb08 2016-10-26 MAPR-24986 Stack of bugs in Hue Editor, Hue Sentry and Hue DBMS
c76ca23 2016-10-28 MAPR-24857 [Hue 3.10] Hue 3.10 doesn't work with new version of Sqoop2
443762c 2016-10-27 MAPR-24937 [Hue 3.9] Reflected XSS (Hue>Spark beta>>Notebook) (Commit for Hue 3.10)
083ec13 2016-11-02 MAPR-25017 [Hue 3.10] Cannot start session until close existing sessions on Sample Notebook page
923a602 2016-06-14 [MAPR-25109][Hue 3.10] Cannot add Impala to blacklist of hue.ini
e2a13c3 2016-08-19 MAPR-24936 - [Hue 3.9] Reflected XSS (Hue>>Hive>>Settings)(Commit for Hue 3.10)
42d715b 2016-11-08 MAPR-25019 [Hue 3.10] Hue + Hive + SSL doesn't work after switching mode on a Kerberos cluster
f7238e5 2016-11-09 [MAPR-25201] Add some commentary to the hue.ini file for regex
50fb043 2016-11-15 [MAPR-25248] Migrate Livy to external repository
9432387 2016-11-15 MAPR-25222 [Hue 3.10] Hue livy sessions don't work correctly when Spark mode is yarn (fix R sample)
0f5ba6f1 2016-11-22 MAPR-25284 Notebooks application is unavailable when beeswax was added to blacklist application
f8a5cdf7 2016-11-28 MAPR-25309 A user with notebook.access and spark.access privileges in HUE could not use notebooks
d0fde67 2016-11-30 MAPR-25363 [Hue 3.10] Failed to open parquet file using FileBrowser
73d3b14 2016-11-30 MAPR-25346 [Hue 3.10] Spark sample snippets do not work after upgrade from Hue 3.9 to Hue 3.10

Known Issues and Limitations

  • MAPR-18668: Hue does not work on RedHat/CentOS 7 when it is configured to use a MySQL database. When this issue occurs, the Control System displays the "Hue Down Alarm." Use this workaround:
    1. Run the following commands to install MariaDB and the RedHat 6 compatibility library:
      yum install mariadb
      rpm -ivh --nodeps$(rpm -qa mariadb|cut -d-
      -f2)/rhel7-amd64/rpms/MariaDB-$(rpm -qa mariadb|cut -d-
    2. Run the following command to create a symlink for the Cyrus SASL library:
      ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/
    3. Run the following commands to reconfigure Hue:
      source /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.10.0/build/env/bin/activate
      /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.10.0/build/env/bin/hue syncdb --noinput
      /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.10.0/build/env/bin/hue migrate
    4. Run the following command to restart Hue:
      maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <space separated list of hostnames>
    NOTE Hue uses the python parque lib to read the parquet files, and this library doesn't support all possible parquet formats.

Resolved Issues

Commit Data (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
943238 2016-11-18 MAPR-25222 [Hue 3.10] Hue livy sessions don't work correctly when spark mode is yarn and fixed R example.