Hue 3.12.0-1803 (EEP 4.1.1 and EEP 5.0.0) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hue 3.12.0-1803.

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You can find additional information on this changelog or the Hue homepage.

Version Hue: 3.12.0

Livy: 0.3.0

Release Date March 2018
MapR Version Interoperability See EEP Components and OS Support
Source on GitHub Hue:


GitHub Release Tag Hue: 3.12.0-mapr-1803

Livy: 0.3.0-mapr-1803

Package Names

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New in This Release



This MapR release includes the following fixes on the base release:

Hue Fixes

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
089e749 2018-03-05 MAPR-30824 - [Hue 3.12] Hue should be restarted via script only after changes in secure type
8955cbd 2018-03-01 MHUE-93 Review file permissions for Hue
0fa9a98 2018-02-16 MAPR-30810 - [Hue 3.12] Could not connect to RM on Kerberos cluster
dad0475 2018-02-16 MAPR-30568 [Hue 3.12] Need import current user ticket for restart script
3e0f490 2017-11-22 MHUE-47 Fix of restart file in
c7637b1 2017-11-15 MAPR-29965 [HUE-3.12] DB transaction failed because of atomic block on home page

Livy Fixes

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
4141b70 2018-03-02 IN-1317 Packaging improvements for restart and security
d778404 2018-02-27 MLIVY-19 Fixed file path to warden.livy.conf
73f2e22 2018-02-22 Clean up
7f690bf 2018-02-22 LIVY-19: Fix Livy so it can start with spark 2.2.1

Known Issues and Limitations

  • MapR does not support the integration between Hue 3.12.0 and the following components:
    • Solr Search
    • ZooKeeper
  • Integration between Hue 3.12.0 and Sentry 1.7 is supported on secure clusters that use Kerberos authentication, but it is not supported on secure clusters that use MapR-SASL authentication.
  • MAPR-2561: DB Query in Hue cannot execute more than one query.
  • HUE-6074: [notebook] Execute snippets as Oozie batch.
  • MAPR-28087: Livy cannot use the Hive Interpreter. To work around this issue, use cluster mode. Set livy.spark.deployMode=cluster in {LIVY_CONF}/livy.conf. This issue is caused by Spark 11851 ("Unable to start spark thrift server against secured hive metastore(GSS initiate failed").
NOTE Hue uses python parquet lib to read the parquet files. This library does not support all possible parquet formats.

Resolved Issues

  • None.