Hue 4.2.0-1901 (EEP 6.1.0) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hue 4.2.0-1901.

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You can find additional information on: or the Hue homepage.

These release notes contain only MapR-specific information and are not necessarily cumulative in nature. For information about how to use the release notes, see Ecosystem Component Release Notes.

Version Hue: 4.2.0

Livy: 0.5.0

Release Date February 2019
MapR Version Interoperability See EEP Components and OS Support
Source on GitHub Hue:


GitHub Release Tag Hue: 4.2.0-mapr-1901

Livy: 0.5.0-mapr-1901

Package Names

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New in This Release

  • None.


This MapR release includes the following fixes on the base release:

Hue Fixes

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
7d19798 2018-12-14 MHUE-218 Configuration of HUE for creating json report with available metrics
ec9807c 2018-12-21 MHUE-216 An error occurred while watching the job running with Oozie 5.0

Livy Fixes

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
8643c36 2019-01-15 MLIVY-55 Update spark jars for livy for MEP-6.0.1 and MEP-6.1.0 releases
3260882 2019-01-16 MLIVY-55 Add spark-2.3-mapr profile

Known Issues and Limitations

  • MapR does not support the integration between Hue 4.2.0 and the following components:
    • Solr Search
    • ZooKeeper
  • Integration between Hue 4.2.0 and Sentry 1.7 is supported on secure clusters that use Kerberos authentication, but it is not supported on secure clusters that use MapR-SASL authentication.
  • MAPR-2561: DB Query in Hue cannot execute more than one query.
  • MAPR-28087: Livy cannot use the Hive Interpreter. To work around this issue, use the cluster mode. Set livy.spark.deployMode=cluster in the {LIVY_CONF}/livy.conf file. This issue is caused by Spark 11851: "Unable to start spark thrift server against secured hive metastore(GSS initiate failed)".
  • MHUE-141 Example MapR Database tables are not downloaded on MAPR-SASL cluster.
  • MHUE-158 Error when change timezone in Oozie coordinator.
  • HUE-7712 Livy-batch not available in HUE 4.1.
  • MHUE-187 R session for R Editor in Hue cannot start.
  • MHUE-192 Error, when create Impala table via Table Browser.
  • MHUE-206 ERROR "Failed to extract json message" when try to export Hive query result to ADLS.
  • MHUE-209 Hue cannot create a table from *.csv file via importer from ADLS.
NOTE Hue uses python parquet lib to read parquet files. This library does not support all possible parquet formats.
  • LIVY-42: Livy UI is not accessible on Kerberos.
  • MHUE-302: Broken link to Table Browser in table description in left assistant panel.
  • MHUE-303: Integration of Table Browser with Drill is not supported.
    NOTE When the [notebook] section of the hue.ini contains a Drill entry that precedes the Hive entry, the Table Browser uses the Drill back end. This can be turned off by setting force_hs2_metadata=true in the [metastore] section of the hue.ini.

Resolved Issues

  • None.