Kafka Streams 1.1.1 - 2101 (MEP 6.3.2) Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Distribution for Apache Kafka. See Apache Kafka 1.1 ReleaseNotes or the Apache Kafka Streams homepage for more information.

Version 1.1.1
Release Date January 2021
MapR Version Interoperability See MEP Components and OS Support
Source on GitHub https://github.com/mapr/kafka
GitHub Release Tag 1.1.1-mapr-2101
Maven Artifacts https://repository.mapr.com/maven/
Package Names See Package Names for MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs).

New in This Release

Kafka Streams 1.1.1 - 2101 introduces the following enhancements or HPE platform-specific behavior changes:
  • None.


This HPE release includes the following fixes on the base release:

GitHub Commit Number Date (YYYY-MM-DD) MapR Fix Number and Description
264d8d8dd 2020-12-24 MAPR-KAFKA-657 Update rest-utils version
811794f99 2020-12-15 MAPR-KAFKA-657 Fix SSLUtils after updating jetty
0c1497b10 2020-12-11 MAPR-KAFKA-383 Fix ACE validation
a27fef715 2020-12-10 MAPR-KAFKA-655 Cherry-pick commits from MAPR-KAFKA-392
9e9d80398 2020-12-10 MAPR-KAFKA-655 Cherry-pick commits from MAPR-KAFKA-387
df812b11c 2020-12-01 EMEP-85 Jetty version was changed to 9.4.35.v20201120
ae4667858 2020-11-09 MAPR-KAFKA-639 ClassCastException: Non-string value for key task.user: null

For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Pattern subscription is not supported.

  • The application reset tool hangs if it runs when the Kafka Streams application is running.

  • The application reset tool may throw a Null Pointer Exception if the date or duration parameter is used.

  • The application reset tool does not reset to intermediate offset if the topic has multiple partitions.

  • MAPR-KAFKA-581: Stream hangs in rebalancing state. The workaround is to set a larger timeout. This issue is caused by MS-915: “MapR Stream application hangs inside cycle”

Resolved Issues

  • None.