Delete Buckets

Describes how to delete a bucket.

NOTE You cannot delete buckets that are locked. Wait five minutes after deletion before creating another bucket with the same name to prevent adverse object operations on the newly and successfully created bucket.

Delete Bucket Using the CLI

Use the mc rb command to delete a bucket.

Delete Bucket to Reclaim Space

When you want to reclaim space, you can remove objects from one or more buckets. Deleting objects is, however, a time-consuming process. Instead, you could delete the volume associated with the bucket (bucket volume), if the volume contains only a single non-WORM bucket.

WARNING If a volume holds multiple buckets, volume deletion could leads to loss of data of multiple buckets in that volume.

Run the following command to remove the volume containing a single non-WORM bucket.

maprcli volume remove -deletes3bucket true -name <volumeName>

NOTE When an account is deleted, the root volume is automatically deleted. To delete the root volume for an account, you must delete the account.

Delete Bucket Using the Object Store Interface

To delete a bucket:
  1. Login to the Object Store Interface as the administrator or as the root user.
  2. Click the bucket icon from the left pane.
  3. On the Buckets page, scroll through the list of buckets, or enter a name in the search field to search for the bucket.
  4. Click the Actions menu for the bucket to be deleted and select Delete Bucket.
  5. Confirm the deletion.