Modify Account

Explains how to modify an object store account within a domain.

Using the CLI

Use the mc admin account modify and mc admin account modify-storageclass commands to modify accounts.

Using the Object Store Interface

To modify an account:
  1. Login to the Object Store interface as the administrator or as the root user.
  2. Click Administration > Accounts to view the Accounts page which lists all the available accounts.
  3. Scroll through the list of accounts, or enter a name in the search field to search for the account.
  4. Click the account that you want to edit. The system displays the account details.
  5. Click Edit Account.
  6. Edit the account details as desired. For an explanation of the account fields, see Create Account.
  7. Click Edit Account.
Alternatively, to edit the quota:
  1. Change the account administrator, and then change the default bucket policy.
  2. From the Accounts page, select Change Quota, Change Account Admin and Change Bucket Policy respectively, from the Actions menu for the appropriate account.
  3. Set the new values, and then click Save Changes.