Update Objects

Describes how to update objects that are already present in the Object Store.

Using the CLI

Use the mc cp command to update objects.

Using the Object Store Interface

  1. Login to the Object Store Interface as the administrator or as the root user.
  2. Click the bucket icon from the left pane.
  3. From the Buckets page, click the bucket to which you uploaded the object to update.
  4. Navigate to the Objects tab.
  5. From the list of objects, click the object to update.
  6. Click Update Object.
  7. Either drag and drop, or select the files to be uploaded.
  8. Enter tags and metadata as key-value pairs. These tags and metadata identify objects across the Object Store.
  9. Click Save Changes. The object is then uploaded as a new version.
  10. (Optional) To update the tags of an object from the list of objects, select Update Tags from the Actions menu for the object, enter the tags as key-value pairs, and click Add.