Accessing NiFi UI

This topic describes how to access NiFi the UI.

NiFi automatically starts after successful configuration.

Cluster Type NiFi UI Endpoints
Secured https://HOST_FQDN:12443/nifi
Unsecure http://HOST_FQDN:12080/nifi
To log in to the NiFI UI on a secured cluster, you must have a username and password. By default, credentials are randomly generated and are located in the NiFi Logs. For example:
cat /opt/mapr/nifi/nifi-<version>/logs/nifi-app.log | grep Generated 
By default, a single-user login strategy is used on secured clusters. To change credentials, run:
/opt/mapr/nifi/nifi-<version>/bin/ set-single-user-credentials "USERNAME" "PASSWORD" 
After changing credentials, you must restart the NiFi services:
maprcli node services -name nifi  -action restart -nodes <nodes list> 

If you change ports, you must launch the reconfiguration script to update the Warden configurations with the proper values. To learn more, see Sensitive Values Encryption.