Configuring NiFi

This topic describes where to locate configuration files for NiFi and how to configure NiFi for cluster mode.

The configuration files for NiFi are located at /opt/mapr/nifi/nifi-<version>/conf directory. Configuration is not necessary to start using NiFi.

Configuration Files Description NiFi server side configuration
bootstrap.conf NiFi launcher configuration
logback.xml Logging settings
authorizers.xml Authorization configuration
login-identity-providers.xml Authentication configuration
state-management.xml NiFi cluster-storing state configuration

NiFi automatically starts after successful configuration.

To learn more about NiFi configurations, see Administration Guide.

Configuring NiFi for Cluster Mode

To ensure that NiFi works on cluster mode, specify Connect String for zk-provider in state-management.xml file.

For example:
For example: On secured cluster, make the following changes in file.
  • (set to FQDN on each node)

  • nifi.sensitive.props.key=abcd123456789 (set same on each node)

  • (is necessary if clusters work with https)


  • nifi.cluster.skip.hostname.verify=true (is necessary if certificate is wildcard without subjectAltNames)

  • (set to FQDN on each node)

  • (set similar to state-management.xml)