Source Code for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Software

HPE releases source code to the open-source community for enhancements that HPE has made to the Apache Hadoop project and other ecosystem components.

HPE regularly releases updates to Apache Hadoop ecosystem projects as the projects are released by Apache, after HPE can verify that the changes do not impact product stability. Releases of ecosystem components are independent of the release cycle for the core data-fabric software, so that new updates can be released quickly and efficiently.

Source code developed by HPE can be found on GitHub at as of March 2013, coincident with version 2.1.2 of the data-fabric distribution. HPE may also release source code for other data-fabric projects at For each release that HPE includes in its distribution, HPE branches and tags the release on GitHub using the underlying project release number appended by -mapr.

Component Repositories on GitHub

The following repositories are available on GitHub for components that HPE has enhanced, patched, or created.

Finding Source Changes Prior to February 2013

GitHub is the single, central location for tracking changes that HPE applies to components in releases of the data-fabric distribution. Prior to February 2013, HPE included a list of patches in each component directory, as shown below. This information is no longer stored in the installation directory for recent releases, and instead is available at GitHub.

Example: Location of Information about Patches to HBase Prior to February 2012
$ ls /opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.92.1/
bin          hbase-0.92.1.jar        LICENSE.txt         pom.xml
CHANGES.txt  hbase-0.92.1-tests.jar  logs                README.txt
conf         hbase-webapps           mapr-hbase-patches  security     lib                     NOTICE.txt          src

$ ls /opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.92.1/mapr-hbase-patches/
0000-hbase-with-mapr.patch                  0006-hbase-6285-fix.patch
0001-hbase-wait-for-fs+set-chunksize.patch  0007-hbase-6375-fix.patch
0002-hbase-source-env-vars.patch            0008-hbase-6455-fix.patch
0003-hbase-6158-fix.patch                   0009-bug-7745-fix.patch
0004-hbase-6018-fix.patch                   Readme.txt