YARN Commands

This section describes the YARN commands.


All YARN commands are invoked by the /usr/bin/yarn script.

Usage: yarn [--config confdir] [COMMAND] [COMMAND_OPTIONS]



--config confdir

Overrides the default Configuration directory. Default is ${HADOOP_HOME}/conf.




Command options

The following yarn commands may be run on the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric distribution of Apache Hadoop:



application Lists applications, or prints the status or kills the specified application.
classpath Prints the class path needed to get the Hadoop jar and the required libraries
debugcontrol Saves additional DEBUG logs for scheduling to a separate file without restarting the RM
daemonlog Gets and sets the log level for each daemon
jar Runs jar file
logs Dumps container logs


Prints node report(s)
queue Prints queue information
rmadmin Performs administrative tasks for Resource Manager
version Print the version

The following yarn commands are not supported on the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric distribution of Apache Hadoop:

  • yarn applicationattempt
  • yarn cluster
  • yarn container
  • yarn nodemanager
  • yarn proxyserver
  • yarn resourcemanager
  • yarn sharedcachemanager
  • yarn scmadmin
  • yarn timelineserver

You can use the maprcli node services command or the Control System to start the services. For more information, see Managing Services.