cluster services

Returns the activation status and enables restoration of a disabled fabric.

If you forget to pay your invoice or renew an expired license, a fabric (connected or air-gapped) can be disabled by HPE. If your contract terms are not met, HPE activates a "kill switch" that causes the CLDBs to shut down, eventually causing the fabric to enter a non-functional state.

If you suspect that the fabric has been disabled, contact HPE Support. HPE Support can supply a special activation key that you can use to restore the fabric. With the activation key, you can use one of the following methods to restore the fabric:


On all CLDB nodes of the fabric, paste the activation key into the following file:
To check the status, use the following command:
maprcli cluster services status


# maprcli cluster services status -json
        "timeofday":"2023-08-02 11:00:28.101 GMT-0700 PM",