mc admin audit

Enables and disables auditing for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store operations.


mc admin audit set alias \
 [ bucket=<bucket name> ] [ account=<account name> ] \
 [ auditenable=<true/false> ] [ forceauditenable=<true/false> ] \
 [ retentionPeriod=<days> ] [ alaramingAuditVolumeSize=<size in mb> ]

  --json                        enable JSON lines formatted output
  --debug                       enable debug output
  --insecure                    disable SSL certificate verification
  --help, -h                    show help


Parameter Description
bucket Bucket on which to set the auditenable flag.
account Account on which to set the auditenable or forceauditenable flag.
global If both the account and bucket are not specified, auditing is applied globally.
auditenable Sets auditing at the global, account, or bucket level.
forceauditenable Forces auditing at the account level only. Overrides the global audit setting.
retentionPeriod Specifies the number of days to retain the audit logs.
alarmingAuditVolumeSize Specifies the size (mb) limit for the audit volume. When the limit is reached, the system raises an alarm.


Enable auditing of operations at the global level (to audit account and bucket operations):
mc admin audit set alias auditenable=true retentionPeriod=10
Disable auditing on account operations only:
mc admin audit set alias account='sales' forceauditenable=false
Enable auditing on bucket operations:
mc admin audit set alias bucket='mybucket' auditenable=true retentionPeriod=20