Resolved Issues (Release 7.6.1)

Lists the issues that were resolved in HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric releases 7.6.0 and 7.6.1.

This page lists the issues that are resolved in releases 7.6.0 and 7.6.1. An asterisk (*) indicates an issue that was reported by a customer. A double asterisk (**) indicates an issue that was present in release 7.6.0 but fixed in release 7.6.1.

Control System

For resolved issues related to the Control System, see Control System Release Notes.


Identifier Description
MFS-17044 Security:: DF Master(7.5) scan reported presence of vulnerable versions of log4j versions in log4j-1.2.14 in Repo
MFS-17132 Security:: mapr-client:: critical vulnerable version of zookeepr-jute version of 3.5.6 bundled with mapr-client
MFS-17129 Security::mapr-client: vulnerable version of spring-*.jar with version 5.3.27 bundled as part of the mapr-client-
MFS-17128 Security:: mapr-core:: vulnerable versions of ojai 3.2.0 version as part of the mapr-client-
MFS-17051 Security: Vulnerable version of jetty-util-6.1.14 found in the sourcejars folder of the Master source scan.
MFS-17050 Security:: Vulnerable version of jackson-databind 2.13.2 defined in master src build.gradle file

Data Fabric UI

Identifier Description
DFUI-2175** Incorrect environment variables name is used in export command guide of client library side drawer

File Client

Identifier Description
MFS-16338* File attributes are not cached when the file is open

Global Namespace (GNS)

Identifier Description
MFS-17408 Data tiering inheritance of remote sources doesn't work
MFS-17394 GNS data sources unable to connect to Keycloak and create volumes
MFS-17416 The cross cluster NFS v3 access is NOT working with stand alone 7.4 GA clusters
MFS-17274 Not able to list or create buckets for external S3 through GNS
MFS-17367 getcgtable doe not get updated between 7.4 and 7.5 clusters due to which the impact is on mirroring the data and GNS operations
MFS-16790 With in the DF clustergroup(c1, c2, c3), if master is trying to update to both the clusters, one of them fails updating the cluster.
MFS-17261 Unable to transfer objects between buckets in S3 GNS across different clusters.

GNS Security

Identifier Description
MFS-17413 SSO-Ehancements:: maprcli acl set command doesn't exit when users' JWT token got expired.
MFS-17412 SSO-Enhancements:ACL Set throwing warnings for users present in keycloak
MFS-17362 fabric manager not able to see all the accounts
MFS-16187 SSO:: script doesn't have an option to pass the SSO Provider's Cert to import into ssl_trustore


Identifier Description
MFS-17436 [apiserver] Observed following IOException in apiserver.out ' Cannot run program "/opt/mapr/installer/build/ezdfaas/bin/python3.10": error=2, No such file or directory'
MFS-16330 Umbrella JIRA for Security Bugs Related to DFaaS 7.3.0 Docker Image
DFUI-1641 HTTP ERROR 500 java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: RFC6265_LEGACY' after rolling upgrade from 7.3 to 7.5 for DFUI and MCS webpage
EZINDFAAS-649** Remove fabric failing from seed node


Identifier Description
MFS-17310 IPv6 - APIServer not starting on the master smokes ipv6 set up nodes
MFS-17309 IPV6 -> Mastgateway not starting on the master smokes ipv6 set up nodes
MFS-17292 MFS -> ATS master jobs failing on ipv4/ipv6 enabled with error -> JSONObject text must begin with '{' at 1 [character 2 line 1]
MFS-17014 MAPR-FS -> IPV6 build -> Volume Failed tests -> testValidateMirrorLink -> /
MFS-17013 MAPR-FS -> IPV6 build -> Posix client failed issues against ipv6 build
MFS-17012 MAPR-FS -> IPV6 build -> Multitenancy -> TenantVolumeAdminTests => createLocalMirrorTenantVolume -> Failed to create local mirror volume


Identifier Description
MFS-16765 In Billing and Metering cluster should reregister if license file is removed and applied new license with same clusterid
MFS-17332 Consumption license applying not throwing Error if current date is more than license startdate+30days+grace period
MFS-16904 in Airgap mode, after applying activationkey and after master restart connected mode state is going to upload usage
MFS-16825 Posix license generated with consumption license 'Ezmeral POSIX C_66627197.DAT' is not able to apply on cluster


Identifier Description
MFS-16461 collectd cored in OPENSSL_init_crypto at fs/common/
MFS-17255 CLDB ezcentral url is becoming stale , if we switch between multiple ezcentral end points
MFS-17384 [OTEL] For a 4 node cluster, it shows data only for one node at


Identifier Description
MFS-16979 moss core generated on Master
MFS-17290 mc stat fails intermittently during OPAL regression runs
MFS-16980 Removing 'null' object version doesn't work if current version is delete marker
MFS-17165 mc ls at alias level with no S3 data/bucket is throwing internal error
MFS-16872 s3 Functional runs are getting aborted with error IAM sub-system is being initialized, please try again. (Service: S3, Status Code: 409, Request ID: 17725BD4B1C234E4, Extended Request ID: null)
MFS-17249 MOSS webrpc: generate s3 requests and handle external server name in the header
MFS-16468 MFS crashes in mapr::fs::Trans::Failed during container delete when inum not found
MFS-15350 [Stress] mfs assert in mapr::fs::Replication::VerifyReplicaError at fs/server/replication/
MFS-16898 [Stress] mfs assert in mapr::fs::Container::RollForwardInitCleanup at fs/server/container/
MFS-16901 [Stress] mfs assert in mapr::fs::ReplicationMgr::ResyncContainerFromToldReplication at fs/server/replication/
MFS-16868 CLDB core in mapr::fs::RpcBinding::SendReplyInternal in Smokes setup with latest build
MFS-14611 MultiopContainerOps:ContainerOp failed with File exists (17)
MFS-17309 IPV6 -> Mastgateway not starting on the master smokes ipv6 set up nodes
MFS-15377 [Stress] mfs assert in mapr::fs::BlockAllocator::Free at fs/server/allocator/
MFS-16895 [Stress] mrconfig sp shutdown hangs on CLDB master
MFS-16326 [7.3 on RHEL 9] mapr-core packages fail to install due to unmet dependency "redhat-lsb-core"
MFS-16891 [Stress] cldb.out failed to rotate/rollover, bloated to 167 GB
MFS-16353 core seen in mapr::fs::Security::DoEncrypt during regression runs for patch 6.1.0 patch 20230508213620
MFS-17118 Security:: Vulnerable version of jetty-*.9.4. bundled with mapr-core binaries.
MFS-17400 NullPointerException in Zookeeper causes Zookeeper shutdown
MFS-18155** NFS registers multiple times
MFS-18300** Disksetup fails on non-CLDB nodes as MFS fails to establish binding with CLDB


Identifier Description
MFS-17406 Fabric creation is failing as keycloak related meta volumes creation is taking long time
MFS-17409 user with fc permission not able to create security policy
MFS-16887 SSO-CentralAuthorisation: User with InfrastructureAdmin role unable to Restart Services(API Server) on Other Clusters in ClusterGroup
MFS-17441 SSO-Enhancements:: Infrastructure-admin able to view all buckets/volumes created by other users in the Cluster
DFUI-1742 DFUI:: Observed JWT Token Error Popup for every 10 secs after Cluster Group formation and clusters shown in DFUI


Identifier Description
DFUI-1726 incorrect table size and total size on my capacity card
MFS-17497 Incorrect owner displayed for topic/table on aws fabric
DFUI-1640 DFUI Binary Tables: When a col family with a existing name is created the create page is stuck
DFUI-1637 Expose EDF Binary Table DFUI: Display more user readable message when the replica table name already exists.
DFUI-1646 Expose EDF Binary Table DFUI: Replication tab shows deleted replica table
MFS-17698 Table metadata is not updated after table replica is removed/deleted
DFUI-1695 table endpoint text overlapping on endpoints window
DFUI-1617 Create column family wizard redirection on cancellation issue
DFUI-1765 Show Replication tab on Binary Table Details page


Identifier Description
MFS-15520* Decomssioning of 6 nodes creates EC volume internal containers stale entry of Inactive server in thier CG's
MFS-17515* CLDB crashes in getFSVolumePropertiesInternal() protobuf build after 3.x -> 6.1.0-EBF -> 7.2.0 upgrade