Enabling Debug Logging for MAST Gateway

About this task

The MAST Gateway service log file contains alarm messages, error codes, and information on the errors. When the mastgateway.log file reaches mastgateway.logfile.size.mb/5, a roll over happens and the mastgateway.log file is renamed as mastgateway.log.1; also, a new mastgateway.log file is created. When the newly created mastgateway.log reaches mastgateway.logfile.size.mb/5, a roll over happens again and:
  • The mastgateway.log.1 is renamed as mastgateway.log.2
  • The mastgateway.log is renamed as mastgateway.log.1
  • A new mastgateway.log is created
This process continues and up to 5 files, whose size is mastgateway.logfile.size.mb/5, are created before the oldest log file, mastgateway.log.4, is deleted.


Run the following command to enable debug logging for MAST Gateway:
maprcli trace setlevel -module MASTGateway -level Debug -port 8660