Pre-Upgrade Steps for Livy

About this task

Complete the following steps before you upgrade Livy with or without the Installer.
Use these steps:
  1. Stop the Livy service if it is installed:
    maprcli node services -name livy -action stop -nodes <ip_address>
  2. If necessary, back up configuration files:
    If you made configuration changes that you want to carry over to the next version, you need to back up the configuration files. Typically, the following configuration files contain changes:
    • /opt/mapr/livy/livy-<version>/conf/livy.conf
    • /opt/mapr/livy/livy-<version>/conf/

    To back up configuration files, copy the files to a location outside the installation directory. After upgrading, you can reapply changes to the updated Livy installation using the backup.

  • Starting from EEP-6.0, for Livy upgrades, from Livy 0.3 and above, user configuration files are saved during upgrade.
  • For Livy upgrades from mapr-hue-livy 3.12, user configuration files are NOT saved during the upgrade.
  • For manual Livy upgrades from mapr-hue-livy 3.12 on Ubuntu, you need to remove the old mapr-hue livy package manually.