Updating the Installer

Update the Installer to include the latest ecosystem packages and installer fixes. Once you update the Installer, you can install ecosystem components and software versions that were made available after you first configured the Installer.

To check the version of the Installer, see Checking the Installer Version.

Before Updating the Installer

As a best practice, create a backup of the cluster configuration before updating the Installer. This backup can be useful if there are issues with the Installer update:
  1. Using a browser, log on to the installer:
    https:://<Installer Node hostname/IPaddress>:9443
  2. Click Support > Export State. The cluster state is downloaded as stanza.yaml.
For more information about importing or exporting the cluster state, see Importing or Exporting the Cluster State.

Update the Installer Using an Internet Repository

Use the following steps to update an Installer that points to the HPE Internet repository:
  1. Rename or delete the mapr-setup.sh script for the current version of the Installer.
  2. Download the latest version of mapr-setup.sh using the steps in Installer.
  3. Run the mapr-setup.sh -R reload command to update the core and ecosystem repos in the /opt/mapr/installer/data/properties.json file:
    IMPORTANT To access the Data Fabric internet repository, you must specify the email and token of an HPE Passport account. For more information, see Using the HPE Ezmeral Token-Authenticated Internet Repository.
    bash /tmp/mapr-setup.sh -R https://<email>:<token>@package.ezmeral.hpe.com/releases reload
  4. Run the mapr-setup.sh -r update command to update the Installer packages:
    bash /tmp/mapr-setup.sh -r https://<email>:<token>@package.ezmeral.hpe.com/releases update
    Note the following known issue related to the use of mapr-setup.sh -r update: Upgrading the Ezmeral Data Fabric Installer packages results in Installer GUI losing the cluster.

Once the update is complete, open the Installer URL (https://<hostname/IPaddress>:9443) to update the cluster.

Update the Installer Using a Local Repository

If the node that runs the Installer uses a local repository, perform the following manual steps to get the latest packages for the cluster version that you are updating or upgrading to:
  1. Download the latest versions of the following archive files.
    For Releases 5.2 and later
  2. Run the following command:
    bash /opt/mapr/installer/bin/mapr-setup.sh -a <full path to each archive file> update
    For more information about mapr-setup.sh options, see Using mapr-setup.sh.
  3. Once the update is complete, open the Installer URL (https://<hostname/IPaddress>:9443) to update the cluster.