Assigning Multiple Security Policies to One or More Volumes

Describes how to assign multiple security policies to volumes.


You must be a fabric manager to perform this operation.

About this task

You can assign multiple security policies to one or more volumes associated with a fabric at one go, via the Data Fabric UI.

Follow the steps given below to assign a security policy to one or more volumes.


  1. Log on to the Data Fabric UI.
  2. Select Fabric manager from the dropdown on the Home page.
  3. Click Security Administration on the Home page.
  4. Click View All on the Global policies card.
  5. Click Assign Policy.
  6. Search for policies in the search bar and select the policies to apply to a volume or a common set of volumes.
  7. Click Select Resources.
  8. Select the fabric and one or more volumes to assign the selected policies to.
  9. Click Save.


The selected security policies are assigned to the selected volumes.

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