Viewing Object Endpoint Info to Remotely Access Files as Objects

View endpoint information for files in a volume to be able to access the files as objects when accessed by S3 client.


You must be a fabric user to perform this operation.

About this task

A volume contains one or more files. The files in a volume can be accessed as objects by an S3 client, via the endpoints provided by Data Fabric. You can view the object endpoints from the Data Fabric UI.

The object endpoints for files can be used to make API calls in scripts for S3 clients to access files in the volume.

Follow the steps given below to view object endpoint information for files in a volume.


  1. Log on to the Data Fabric UI.
  2. Select Fabric user option from the dropdown on the Home page.
  3. Click the Table View icon on the Resources card. In the tabular list of fabrics, click the down arrow for the fabric that contains the volume.
  4. Click the ellipsis under Actions for the required volume.
  5. Click the View endpoint option.


You are able to view the volume endpoint and object endpoint information corresponding to the files on the volume.