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HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric – Customer-Managed 7.7.0 Documentation
File Store
Distributed file system for structured and unstructured data. Patented capabilities protect data and make data storage extremely reliable and scalable. Learn more
Object Store
Native object storage solution that efficiently stores objects and metadata for optimized access. Access data through multiple protocols that fully comply with AWS S3, including S3 Select features. Learn more
NoSQL Databases
Two NoSQL databases for analytics and operational applications - a key-value database with HBase API and a JSON document database with OJAI API. Learn more
Publish-and-subscribe messaging system (built into the Data Fabric platform) that supports Kafka APIs. No additional process management required. Learn more
Ezmeral Ecosystem Packs (EEP, previously MEP) provide a set of ecosystem components that work together on one or more Data Fabric cluster versions. Learn more
Apache Hadoop
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric provides a full Hadoop distribution that is API-compatible with all versions of Hadoop and leverages the capabilities of the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric file system. Learn more
Apache Spark
A multi-language engine for data engineering, data science, and machine-learning workloads. Runs on single-node machines or on multi-node clusters. Learn more
Apache Drill
Schema-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL databases, cloud, and file storage. Connect to data sources and run ANSI SQL queries from the CLI, UI, or standard BI tools. Learn more