Supported Apache Kafka Streams APIs

Specifies the supported and not supported Apache Kafka Streams APIs.

Supported APIs

MapR Kafka Streams uses the same APIs as Apache Kafka Streams. Behavior for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Streams is the same as for Apache Kafka Streams. See Apache Kafka Streams documentation .

Not Supported APIs

The following stream methods in the StreamsBuilder class are not supported:
  • <K,V> KStream<K,V> stream(java.util.regex.Pattern topicPattern)
  • <K,V> KStream<K,V> stream(java.util.regex.Pattern topicPattern, Consumed<K,V> consumed)
Use the following stream method instead:
  • <K,V> KStream<K,V>stream(java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> topics)