Kafka Streams Security

Discusses Kafka Streams security topics.

Internal Topics

All Kafka Streams application’s internal topics are grouped in the Kafka Streams application directory: /apps/kafka-streams.

  • The /apps directory has only write access to mapr user. The /apps/kafka-streams directory is not modifiable/deletable by any user other than mapr user.
  • All users can create sub-directories inside the /apps/kafka-streams directory. Only the following users have read/write/delete permission for sub-directories or files created in this directory.
    • mapr user
    • Current user of the sub-directory:
      • If security is enabled, the current user is the MapR ticket identity. See Managing Tickets for more information.
      • If security is not enabled, the current MapR identity.

Kafka Streams Application Specific Folders

Some Kafka Streams applications need to create internal topics. These topics are created in the /apps/kafka-streams/<application.id> directory.

IMPORTANT This directory is created at runtime by the Kafka Streams application and can only be modified by the current user or super users. This directory can only be deleted by the Application Reset Tool (ART) and, again, by only the current user or super users.

Application Reset Tool and Cleanup APIs

The application reset tool allows to reset a Kafka Streams application's internal state, such that it can re-process its input data from scratch. Kafka Streams internal topics can be cleaned using application reset tool.

Only the current user of the Kafka Streams application or mapr user has permissions to clean up a Kafka Streams application using Application Reset Tool. The Application Reset Tool is integrated with the cleanup APIs so that the application’s internal topics are prefixed with the same directory.

The application reset tool takes application.id as the input for cleaning up Kafka Streams application. As part of this process, all internal-topics are deleted for the application user under the /apps/kafka-streams/<application.id> directory, including the /apps/kafka-streams/<application.id> directory. See Application Reset Tool for more information.