This topic provides an overview of Apache NiFi on HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Starting from EEP 9.0.0, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric supports Apache NiFi.

Apache NiFi is a dataflow system based on the concepts of flow-based programming which supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. NiFi has a web-based user interface for the design, control, feedback, and monitoring of dataflows.

The following diagram shows the NiFi architecture:

To transfer data in and out of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, NiFi supports the following sources and sinks.

  • SQL Databases (MySQL, Postgres, etc.)
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Redis, etc.)
  • File storage (S3 compatible, SMB, FTP)
  • Cloud services (GCP, Azure, AWS)
  • HTTP requests
  • Other

To install NiFi, see Installing NiFi and to view the NiFi release notes, see NiFi Release Notes.

To learn more about NiFi, see Apache NiFi documentation.