Installing HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store

Describes installation of the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store software with or without the Installer.

Memory Requirement

Before installing the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store, make sure each node in the cluster has the minimum memory recommended in Memory and Disk Space.

Installing the Package Manually

You install the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store by applying the mapr-s3server package. The manual installation instructions for release 7.0.0 and later recommend installing this package on all cluster nodes. See Step 4: Install Cluster Service Packages.

Post-Installation Steps

Once the mapr-s3server package has been applied, several post-installation steps are necessary to start the object store server and enable mc commands. See Enabling the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store.

Metrics Monitoring and the Object Store

To take advantage of object-store features provided by the control system (MCS), you must install Metrics Monitoring on all clusters where the object store is installed. The manual installation procedure includes this step. See Step 9: Install Metrics Monitoring.

Gateway Node Installation

A gateway node is a node where no data-fabric software is installed. HPE does not recommend installation of the object store software on a gateway node. If gateway node installation is required, you must install the mapr-core and mapr-core-internal packages in addition to the mapr-s3server package. Note the following limitations for gateway node installations:
  • Storage Recovery Metrics (SRM) will not work if a file server is not installed on the node running the multithreaded object store server (MOSS).
  • Recovery and stats will not work on a gateway node.

Getting Started with the Object Store

See Getting Started with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store.