Configuring Properties for Message Size

Describes the message.max.bytes and receive.message.max.bytes properties for configuring message size.


For a C producer, the message.max.bytes value is 1000000 B by default.

The minimum value is 1000 B and maximum value is 32000000 B. The maximum message size produced by a C API is decided by the message.max.bytes value set on the C producer.

From C, Python, and C# APIs, the maximum message size that can be produced is 32000000 B. If a C consumer needs to consume a message that is greater than 32000000 B in size, which may be produced by a Java client, the consumer needs to update the message.max.bytes or receive.message.max.bytes properties to a higher value to consume it.

If the message.max.bytes property is set to greater than 32000000 B, it is by default capped at 32000000 B. Though a consumer can consume messages greater than 32000000 B (produced say by a Java client), only up to 32000000 B is produced from the MapR C client. The maximum message size consumed by a C API is limited by the value that is higher among the message.max.bytes and receive.message.max.bytes values.

For a C consumer, the receive.message.max.bytes is 1000000 B by default. The minimum value is 1000 B and maximum value is 1000000000 B.

Using a Java API, a larger message size can be produced if the cluster-side property is changed using the following maprcli config save command:
Cluster side:
maprcli config save -values
{"mfs.db.max.rowsize.kb":<value in KB>}
In this case, the row size is 32 MB by default and the maximum is a little less than 2 GB.

The mfs.db.max.rowsize.kb setting is a cluster-wide setting that applies to HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database (Binary+JSON) and MapR Event Store for Apache Kafka, and it is not configurable per stream or topic.