Contains information about various scripts and utilities, that help setup, maintain, and monitor clusters.

The following scripts and utilities help you configure clusters, setup cross cluster security, setup storage pools, monitor CLDB activity, perform consistency checks and repair errors on volumes and snapshots, and maintain clusters with ease.

Script or Utility Description
Cluster Configuration
configure.sh Describes the syntax and parameters of the configure.sh script that you run for a number of tasks, including setting up MapR client nodes, and configuring services for a node.
configure-crosscluster.sh Sets up cross-cluster security between two clusters.

Formats specified disks for use by MapR storage, and adds those disks to the disktab file.


Lets you create, remove, and manage storage pools, disk groups, and disks; and provides information about containers.

fcdebug Dynamically sets the loglevel to debug a library.
Auditing and Monitoring
cldbguts Monitors CLDB activity. This utility prints information about the CLDB service that is running on the node from which you run the utility.
ectool Dumps or checks the validity of the stripelets in the backend volume that is associated with the volume configured for warm tiering.
expandaudit Expands IDs captured in the audit logs to their corresponding names.
fsck Detects and fixes inconsistencies in the filesystem.
gfsck Performs consistency checks and appropriate repairs on a volume, or a volume snapshot.
mapr-support-collect.sh Collects information about a cluster's recent activity, to help MapR Support diagnose problems.
mapr-support-dump.sh Collects node and cluster-level information for the node on which you invoke the script.
mrdirectorystats Prints the space usage for each directory, for a container.
mrfscmd Returns the path to the file specified by ID (fid).
stubfuse Determines the read and write performance of a FUSE mount point.
maprlogin Authenticates logins to secure MapR clusters.