The interval of time during which READ, WRITE, or GETATTR operations on one file from one IP address or UID are logged only once for a particular operation, if auditing is enabled.

For example, suppose that a client application reads a single file three times in 6 minutes, so that there is one read at 0 minutes, another at 3 minutes, and a final read at 6 minutes. If the coalesce interval is at least 6 minutes, then only the first read operation is logged. However, if the interval is between 4 and 6 minutes, then only the first and third read operations are logged. If the interval is 2 minutes, all three read operations are logged.

Now however, if the client was also writing to the file, irrespective of the coalesce interval for the read operation in the example stated previously, the write operation is logged, as it is a different operation from reading.