maprcli Commands in This Guide

Describes how to use maprcli commands provided as reference links in this guide.

Some procedures in this guide include links to maprcli commands at the bottom of the page. Clicking a link to a maprcli command opens a page in the customer-managed documentation website, where more detailed information for all maprcli commands is located.

These commands are listed for reference purposes only. The commands are not intended to replace the documented Data Fabric UI procedures. In addition, some as-a-service features are not supported on the customer-managed platform.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric users are encouraged to use the Data Fabric UI for all operations. Users of the as-a-service HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric generally are not encouraged to use maprcli commands when a UI control is available. However, users who are interested can read more about the commands in the customer-managed documentation.