Configuring NodeManager Restart

About this task

NodeManager restart is enabled by default. Active containers will keep running in the event that the NodeManager shuts down.

When the NodeManager restart is enabled, it stores the container state of active containers in a recovery directory;when the NodeManager restarts, it retrieves the container state from the recovery directory.

If you disable NodeManager restart, active containers are shut down when the NodeManager shuts down and containers need to be reallocated when the NodeManager starts again.

To configure NodeManager restart, enable the NodeManager recovery and also specify a port that can be dedicated to run the NodeManager service.


  1. Add the following parameters to the yarn-site.xml on each NodeManager node:
    1. Set yarn.nodemanager.recovery.enabled to true.
    2. Set yarn.nodemanager.address to include a port that is dedicated to run the NodeManager on this node.
    3. Optionally, set yarn.nodemanager.recovery.dir to a different recovery directory for this node.
      By default, the recovery directory is set to$hadoop.tmp.dir/yarn-nm-recovery which resolves to tmp/hadoop-mapr/nm-local-dir/yarn-nm-recovery. See the following example configuration:
  2. Restart the NodeManager Service.
    For more information, see Managing Services.