Listing CLDB Nodes

Describes how to list CLDB nodes in the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Use the nodelist cldbs command to list all the CLDB nodes for a specified cluster.

For example:
# maprcli node listcldbs -cluster -json
	"timeofday":"2018-06-19 02:50:21.408 GMT-0700 PM",

Alternatively, use the maprcli node list command to find out whether a node is a CLDB node.

SSH into the node as root or the Data Fabric admin user, and issue the following command:

maprcli node list -columns svc,ip

A node is a CLDB node if the service list includes cldb as one of the services:. For example:

$ maprcli node list -columns svc,ip
hostname              service                                                                                     ip  s3server,historyserver,resourcemanager,fileserver,cldb,nfs,mastgateway,hoststats,apiserver