You must download and run the Installer setup script before you can start the Installer web interface or issue Installer Stanza commands.

The Installer web interface simplifies the installation of an HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric cluster. After taking you through the process of selecting services and configuring the cluster, the installer installs data-fabric software. You can use the Installer to install:
  • New-feature releases, such as 7.6.1 and 7.7.0
  • Ecosystem components, such as Spark, Hive, and HBase – or other components contained in an Ecosystem Pack (EEP)

Before you begin, review the Installer Prerequisites and Guidelines, which describe user, node, and security requirements for using the Installer. For cluster-planning information, see Planning the Cluster.

Steps for Setting Up and Running the Installer

To set up and run the installer, complete the following steps:
  1. Select a node from which to run the Installer. The node from which you run the Installer does not need to be one of the nodes on which you plan to install the cluster.
  2. Download the script. You can download the setup script directly from to the node that will run the Installer:
    IMPORTANT To access the Data Fabric internet repository, you must specify the email and token of an HPE Passport account. For more information, see Using the HPE Ezmeral Token-Authenticated Internet Repository.
    wget --user=<email> --password=<token> -P /tmp
  3. Change the file permissions so that you can run the file.
    chmod +x /tmp/
  4. Run the script to configure the node to run the Installer. Run the following command as the root user from the directory that contains the script. You must include your HPE Passport email and token and specify the name of the internet repository. The Installer remembers this information for later use. The script prompts you for some information. If you have not used this script before, consider reviewing Using to be prepared.
    /tmp/ -r https://<email>:<token>
  5. Start the Installer. Open the Installer URL:
    https://<Installer Node hostname/IPaddress>:9443

    You are prompted to log in as the cluster administrator user that you configured while running the script.

Other Tasks You Can Perform with the Installer

Once the initial installation completes, you can use the same Installer URL to upgrade the cluster, apply a patch, or add nodes and additional services:
Use this option To
Extend Cluster Add a host to an existing cluster.
Incremental Install Add or upgrade services that are already installed on the cluster.
Maintenance Update Update your cluster to a new patch version of core or apply a patch.
Version Upgrade Upgrade the cluster to a newer data-fabric release, apply a patch, and upgrade services that are already installed on the cluster.
Shutdown Stop the data-fabric services on the cluster.
Uninstall Remove existing data-fabric software before proceeding with a new installation.
NOTE The Installer definitions are updated frequently. See Updating the Installer to get the latest ecosystem components and data-fabric software.

HPE Privacy Statement

To learn how HPE uses, shares, transfers, and manages personal information, see the HPE Privacy Statement.