Support Articles in the HPE Support Center

Data Fabric support articles moved to the HPE Support Center in 2022, changing the way you find and access the support articles.

Creating an HPE Passport Account

To access the HPE Support Center, you need an HPE Passport account. See Obtaining an HPE Passport Account.

Searching for Data Fabric Support Articles

The HPE Support Center contains support content for all HPE products, which can make it difficult to find Data Fabric content. To search for Data Fabric support articles:
  1. Navigate to the HPE Support Center home page.
  2. Sign in using your HPE Passport account.
  3. Navigate to the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric home page in the Support Center.
  4. To view:
    • CVE advisories:
      1. Click the Alerts tab.
      2. Click the Advisory button.
    • Support articles:
      1. Click the Manuals and Guides tab.
      2. Click the Troubleshooting button.
      3. Search on a keyword, or if you know the article number, type in the number.

Sign up for Support Alerts

To sign up for support alerts, see Get connected with updates from HPE.

Linking Your Support Agreement to a Passport Account

If you have a Data Fabric cluster, but the cluster is not linked to your HPE Passport account, use the following steps to link your support agreement to the account:
  1. Link your support agreement (SAID/SAR) to your Passport account:
    1. If you have the SAID/SAR for your support agreement, go to the next step. If you don't know your SAID/SAR, open a case below to inform HPE Support).
    2. Click here to access the support home page.
    3. Select Link Support Agreements, then register your SAID/SAR (be sure to select the ownership type as Multiple).
  2. Click here, and use the following steps to open a case with the Ezmeral support team:
    1. Expand the linked support agreements section.
    2. Expand the Support Account Reference section.
    3. Select Submit a case for the corresponding serial number (cluster ID/Platform ID).
    4. Complete all required fields, and click Submit.
  3. With your cluster linked to your Passport account, you can use the HPE support case manager home page to navigate the support site.

For more information about linking contracts and warranties, see this support article.