Getting Started with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Security

Describes quick implementation of security.

MapR 6.1 introduced enhanced security settings that simplify the process of creating secure clusters. For a brief introduction, see Security. To learn how to secure a cluster, see this course.

To set up a secure cluster:

  1. Enable cluster security, authentication, and wire-level encryption by running if you performed a manual installation.

    See Enabling Security for more information.

    NOTE If you selected the Using the Enable Secure Cluster Option after installing with the Installer, proceed to the next step.
  2. Generate HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric user tickets to authenticate with your username and password.

    See Generating a HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric User Ticket for more information.

  3. Configure each Ecosystem component, where necessary, for security.

    See Security and Ecosystem Components for more information.

  4. (Optional) Enable encryption of data at rest at the cluster level and selectively for volumes as well.

    See Enabling Encryption of Data at Rest for more information.

  5. (Optional) Turn on auditing for the cluster and for directories that contain sensitive data.

    See Enabling and Disabling Auditing of Cluster Administration and Enabling and Disabling Auditing of Data Access Operations for more information.

  6. (Optional) Enable authorization using ACEs for files, tables, streams, or volumes; and ACLs for administrative activities that can be performed on the cluster.

    See Managing Access Control Expressions and Managing Access Control Lists for more information.

TIP After you enable security, review the System Behavior Changes After Enabling Security.