Manually Restarting HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Services

This topic describes restarting HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise services in non-Kubernetes hosts.

NOTE This article does not apply to Kubernetes hosts.

To manually restart HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise services:

  1. Log in to the web interface as a Platform Administrator, as described in Launching and Signing In.
  2. Determine which host is the Controller host. If Platform High Availability protection is enabled (see High Availability), then also determine which hosts are the Shadow Controller and Arbiter.
  3. Log in to the Controller host as either root or the ID that was used to install HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.
  4. If Platform High Availability protection is enabled, then execute the following command to suspend this protection:

    /opt/bluedata/bundles/<epic install bin folder>/ --action suspendha
  5. Execute the following commands on every host except Gateway hosts to shut down services:

    systemctl stop bds-monitoring
    systemctl stop bds-worker
    systemctl stop bds-controller
    NOTE The name controller in the service name bds-controller may be misleading, as it runs on both the Controller and Worker hosts.
  6. On every host (including the Controller), bring the services up in the following order:

    systemctl start bds-cgroup
    This step is only needed after a system reboot.
    systemctl start bds-worker
    systemctl start bds-controller
    systemctl start bds-monitoring
  7. Within each host, verify that the following services are up and running:

    systemctl status bds-worker
    systemctl status bds-controller
    systemctl status bds-monitoring
  8. If applicable, re-enable platform High Availability protection by executing the following command on the Controller host:

    /opt/bluedata/bundles/<epic install bin folder>/ --action resumeha