Accessing the Kubeflow Dashboard

To access the Kubeflow dashboard:

  1. Verify that the Kubernetes Administrator has installed Kubeflow, as described in Kubeflow Installation.
  2. Log in to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise with your LDAP/AD credentials.
  3. In the main menu, click ML Workbench. See Toolbar and Main Menu - Kubernetes Tenant Member.

    Menu showing ML Workbench entry
  4. In the Training and Workflow block, click the Kubeflow link:

  5. The Kubeflow dashboard Login screen appears in a new browser tab. Log in with your AD/LDAP credentials.

  6. On first time login, HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise prompts you to create a new profile namespace. Continue to get to the Kubeflow dashboard screen. From this screen, you can create Tensorboards and run Experiments, pipelines, and more.

    You can switch to the tenant namespace by specifying the tenant's name in the namespace dropdown list: