HPE Ezmeral ML Ops Requirements

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops has the same requirements as HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise for the following:

In addition, the following requirements must also be met:

  • LDAP must be configured in order to run HPE Ezmeral ML Ops in a Kubernetes cluster.

    All AI/ML project users (Project Members and Project Administrators) must be LDAP/AD users. They cannot be authenticated using local authentication.

  • Tenant storage must be configured and registered on the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise deployment.

    HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise supports implementations of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric as tenant storage. See HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric as Tenant/Persistent Storage.

The HPE online sizer for HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise can provide additional guidance for sizing deployments for ML Ops workloads. See: HPE Sizing Tool for Ezmeral Container Platform (link opens a different HPE site in a new browser tab/window).