Running NFS on a Non-standard Port


  1. To run NFS on an arbitrary port, modify the following line in warden.conf:
    service.command.nfs.start=/etc/init.d/mapr-nfsserver start

    Add -p <portnumber> to the end of the line, as in the following example:

    service.command.nfs.start=/etc/init.d/mapr-nfsserver start -p 12345
  2. After modifying warden.conf, restart the MapR NFS server by issuing the following command:
    maprcli node services -nodes <nodename> -nfs restart
  3. You can verify the port change with the rpcinfo -p localhost command.
    WARNING MapR uses version 3 of the NFS protocol. NFS version 4 bypasses the port mapper and attempts to connect to the default port only. If you are running NFS on a non-standard port, mounts from NFS version 4 clients time out. Use the -o nfsvers=3 option to specify NFS version 3.