mc admin user enable

Enables an IAM user account.

The Object Store administrator runs this command to enable a user.


mc admin user enable TARGET USERNAME [account=<account name> domain=<domain name>]

  --json                        enable JSON lines formatted output
  --debug                       enable debug output
  --insecure                    disable SSL certificate verification
  --help, -h                    show help


Parameter Description
TARGET The alias of a configured HPE Ezmeral Object Store on which the command enables the user. This parameter is mandatory.
USERNAME The user name to enable. This parameter is mandatory.
account The name of the account in which the user exists.
domain The name of the domain under which the account exists.
json Enables JSON formatted output.
debug Enables output for debugging.
insecure Disables SSL verification.
help Shows this help.


Enable a user joe in the northamerica account in the Object Store deployment with alias salesobject.
/opt/mapr/bin/mc admin user enable salesobject joe account='northamerica'