App Store

Describes the App Store and its relationship to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. (Not available in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Essentials.)

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise includes an App Store with one-click deployment for common Big Data and AI tools.

The App Store contains Docker container images of each available application, allowing fully automated self-service deployment. Each image in the App Store provides a particular version, is pre-configured, and ready-to-run on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise also supports a “bring your own app” model that allows users to quickly add images to the App Store.

The App Store contains three classes of images:

Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and other Big Data tools provided out-of-the-box by HPE

These images contain open-source software that is unmodified and supported by these vendors.

ML/DL, analytics, and data science tools supported out-of-the-box by HPE

The App Store includes several pre-configured open-source tools as examples. Other tools have also been tested for compatibility with HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise and can be made available to customers, including both open-source and commercial applications.

Custom tools and applications added specifically by individual customers

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides an Application Workbench that allows customers to create and add their own images to the App Store. Users can then deploy these images and use them in a similar way as any of the out-of-the-box images described above.

NOTE App Store images are independent from the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise itself. Any tool or application can be added or removed from the deployment to suit your specific needs.

The Platform Administrator may install or uninstall images. Installed images are available for use by Tenant Members when creating jobs and clusters.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and/or application vendors may provide new images or new versions of existing images.

For legacy EPIC applications, if the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Controller host can access the internet and a new version becomes available for an image that is currently installed, the image will be marked in the App Store screen with an Upgrade Available banner, and its tile will provide a button for upgrading to the new version. Other new images or new versions of currently uninstalled images will display a New banner.

If you are deploying applications in Kubernetes, then you can use the KubeDirector feature that comes pre-installed in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. This feature lists the applications that you can launch into your cluster by accessing a Kubernetes tenant and then clicking the Applications tab.