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Accessing Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support

For live assistance, go to the Contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise Worldwide website.

To access documentation and support services, go to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.

Information to collect:

  • Technical support registration number (if applicable)
  • Product name, model or version, and serial number
  • Operating system name and version
  • Firmware version
  • Error messages
  • Product-specific reports and logs
  • Add-on products or components
  • Third-party products or components

Accessing Updates

Some software products provide a mechanism for accessing software updates through the product

interface. Review your product documentation to identify the recommended software update method.

Documentation Feedback

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to providing documentation that meets your needs. To help us improve the documentation, use the Feedback button and icons to send any errors, suggestions, or comments. All document information is captured by the process.