API Access

This topic describes how to access the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise REST API and the REST API documentaton.

To access the REST API documentation for HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, on your controller host server, see:


To access the API, when platform authentication is configured, send the following POST request:

POST <http_or_https>://<ip_address_or_hostname>:<port>/api/v2/session
"name": "<username>",
"password": "<password>"


  • <http_or_https>

    is the URL prefix, which will be either http or https.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise strongly recommends using https to enhance organizational security.

  • <ip_address_or_hostname> is either the IP address or hostname of the virtual node you are logging in to.
  • <port> is the port number you are accessing on the virtual node.
  • <username> is a valid username.
  • <password> is the password for the specified username (case sensitive).
  • <tenant_key> is the 10-character tenant key (case sensitive).

The current version of the API is v2. Every v2 endpoint begins with: /api/v2/

For information about the legacy v1 version of the API, see Legacy v1 API Documentation (link opens an external website in a new browser tab or window). The v1 version of the API is not recommended for new applications.


If you are interested in developing software, connect to the HPE Developer Community to build, communicate, and collaborate. One of the many resources available through the community is the Hack Shack, which features on-demand workshops, such as the Introduction to the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform REST API.